» Support for Graduate Research and Creative Activities

A key component of Chapman University's mission to provide personalized education is the many opportunities for students to undertake research and other creative projects, working closely with their professors. The availability of grants and assistantships as well as the research consulting and tutorial services of the Earl Babbie Center promote excellence in graduate student research at Chapman University.

+ - Graduate Student Grants

In line with Chapman University's commitment to the scholarly and creative activities of its graduate students, Scholarly/Creative Activity Grants and Conference Travel Grants are offered to all current graduate students. Graduate Student Scholarly/Creative Activity Grants are intended to provide support for a variety of clearly defined scholarly or creative projects while Graduate Student Conference Travel Grants are intended to provide support for graduate students’ travel to give accepted presentations at conferences.

The Graduate Student Grants process is now managed by the Colleges for the students in their graduate programs. To apply for a Scholarly/Creative Activity Grant or Conference Travel Grant, or for more information about the Graduate Student Grant program, the expenditure of grant funds, and the submission of reimbursement requests please contact the following grants coordinators:

Argyros School of Business and Economics (ASBE)
Ms. Debra Gonda
(714) 997-6745

Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences (CCHBS)
Dr. Michelle Cleary
(714) 628-2797

Dodge College of Film and Media Arts (DCFMA)
Ms. Ciara Jones
(714) 744-7678

College of Educational Studies (CES)
Ms. Lanesha Kemp
(714) 744-2150

Wilkinson College of Humanities & Social Sciences (WCHSS)
Ms. Allison DeVries
(714) 997-6752

Schmid College of Science and Technology (SCST)
Computational and Data Science
Ms. Robin Pendergraft 
(714) 997-6993

Food Science and Nutrition
Ms. Robyne Kelly
(714) 289-2040

School of Pharmacy (SOP)
Ms. Stephanie Uiga
(714) 516-5413

+ - Earl Babbie Research Center

The Earl Babbie Research Center provides consulting services for faculty and graduate students on research design and data analysis. 


Contact our Center staff directly to set up individual consultations concerning both quantitative and qualitative research design and analysis.

Research Aid Materials

The EBRC offers information on upcoming conferences, research program opportunities, SPSS tutorials, and additional research aid materials.


The EBRC offers a variety of practical workshops for both students and faculty.

The following are examples of workshops that can be offered to classes or other by faculty request. Please call the Center so we can discuss how to adapt the workshops to your specific needs.

  • Quantitative v. Qualitative Analysis
  • Systematic Literature Review/Meta-analysis
  • SPSS Basics
  • OLS v. Logistic Regression
  • Understanding Statistical Output


The EBRC is home to the open access scholarly journal War Crimes, Genocide & Crimes against Humanity, available for faculty and the student submissions.


The EBRC is located in Smith Hall 101D.


You may contact the center at (714) 997-6650 or use the below information to contact a particular center staff member.

Dr. L. Edward Day
Ph.D., Sociology

Consultation Expertise:
Quantitative and qualitative research design and analysis; structural equation modeling; multi-site surveys; focus group interviewing

Email: lday@chapman.edu

Desireé Fehmie
Research Methods Specialist
MPH, MSc, Health Psychology

Consultation Expertise:
Qualitative and quantitative research design and analysis; Structured and semi-structured interview procedures; IPA; STATA; SPSS; conceptualization processes

Hours: M-F, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Email: fehmie@chapman.edu

+ - Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistants are graduate students who provide assistance to faculty and staff in research and teaching. To the extent possible, graduate assistantships are also designed to further the graduate student’s own graduate career and development as a researcher, scholar, teacher, and professional.
Generally, there are two types of Graduate Assistantships awarded at Chapman University:

  • Research Assistants assist University faculty members with funded research.
  • Teaching Assistants assist University faculty members with various levels of teaching duties.

A limited number of research and teaching assistantships are available to graduate students. Graduate assistant positions are posted on the student employment website and in the academic department, or school as appropriate.

Assistantships are awarded by each program or college. The details of research assistantships can be obtained from the project director/principal investigator. The details of teaching assistantships can be obtained from department chairs or school deans.

The Chapman University Graduate Assistant Manual outlines the university's criteria for hiring graduate students as research or teaching assistants. Additionally, the manual outlines the expected workload for a graduate assistant, the levels of graduate assistantships, the compensation and tuition reduction that are offered to graduate assistants, and the process for resolving graduate assistant issues or complaints.

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