• Film Studies class in Folino Theater at Dodge College

    B.A. in Film Studies

    Explore film history, theory and criticism in depth

  • Film Studies program attends international festival

    B.A. in Film Studies

    Acquire a hands-on introduction to all elements of film production

  • Film Studies classroom at Dodge College

    B.A. in Film Studies

    Develop an understanding of how the essential elements of film work together

» B.A. in Film Studies

Do you:

  • Check out every movie as soon as it comes out?
  • Consider critiquing every film you see a personal hobby?
  • Think of yourself as a film connoisseur?
  • Know the stylistic elements of film noir, both classic and contemporary?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a B. A. in Film Studies from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts might be right for you.

At Dodge College, you’ll explore film history, theory and criticism in depth while acquiring a hands-on introduction to production, including cinematography, lighting, editing, and sound design. This unique combination of theoretical knowledge and filmmaking practice will give you a distinctive understanding of how the essential elements of film work together, something that studying theory alone simply can’t do.

+ - You'll Study

Not only will you learn how the language of film has developed over time, you’ll gain an understanding of how film has been and is understood in different historical and cultural contexts. Along with a broad liberal arts education, you’ll study:
  • Film genres, such as film noir, the Western, the musical, horror and comedy
  • International cinema, including Asian, British, French, Mexican and German
  • Important filmmakers like John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese
  • Film analysis using classical theories developed by both formalists and realists
  • Filmmaking practices, critical film movements, and the cultural impact of cinema
  • The relationship of films to the issues of class, gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity as well as cultural and national identities

+ - Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this program you will be able to:

  • Analyze and understand film and media in relation to aesthetics, genre, and film language in critical essays and writing assignments
  • Differentiate global filmmakers, film styles, and film industries in international film history through critical thinking and writing assignments
  • Using the critical vocabulary and methodologies of the discipline, analyze and critique film in research papers and/or oral presentations 
  • Compose critical essays and writing assignments, applying the knowledge of film aesthetics, film criticism, and/or film history

+ - Film Studies 4+1 Integrated Program

Dodge College now offers a Film Studies 4 +1 Integrated Program that enables undergraduate students to get a head start on their MA in Film Studies by enrolling in graduate courses. Students enrolled in the 4+1 program graduate with their MA in Film Studies in five years as opposed to six years.

Application Requirements:

  • Must apply spring of their junior year
  • Must have at least a 3.25 cumulative GPA
  • Must submit a paper from a upper division film studies course
  • Must submit two faculty references (not including Dr. Carman and Dr. Lee)

*Second round students who are selected will also need to do interview with Dr. Carman and Dr. Lee before a final decision is made.

Academic Requirements:

  • Must be a film studies major or:
  • Must be a student in the film division of Dodge College and have taken two upper division film studies classes or:
  • A student not in these two categories must be in good standing to complete a film studies minor by the end of the fall of their senior year.

Application Deadlines and Notifications:

  • Deadline to apply: March 1
  • Decisions will be made in time for fall registration
  • If you would like to begin the application, please click here

If accepted to the MA 4+1 Film Studies degree, during their senior year, a student can take:

in place of the Undergraduate level:

  • FTV-444: Advanced topics in Film Studies
  • FTV-342: Film Genre Studies (there are nine options listed for that)
  • FTV-485: Film Reviewing
  • FTV-445: Film Theory and Criticism

These courses will be counted towards the Undergraduate BA Film Studies major requirement of 48 credits.

For 4+1 MA Film Studies students, these substitutions open up the possibility of taking a range of other 500 level elective Film Studies courses.

In order to complete the MA Film Studies degree, students must complete 36 approved graduate level Film Studies credits.


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