»M.F.A. in Film and Television Producing

Congratulations! You did it again! The film you insisted on making has been selected to screen at Sundance. Or the TV show you produce just topped the Nielsen ratings. Yes, the life of a producer can be exciting, but it requires a good deal of hard work to make it to the top.

Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts’ Master of Fine Arts degree in Film and Television Producing can get you on the fast track to careers as a producer, executive producer or development executive at a talent agencies, network or major production company. Whether you’re starting from scratch with no prior production experience or you’ve already put in a few years in the film/television industry, Dodge College is the place to learn the ins and outs of the Hollywood machine and make the connections you need to succeed.

During your first year with us, you’ll study all aspects of producing under the tutelage of master storytellers who’ve honed their art over a lifetime of award-winning work and who have a combined filmography of more than 150 feature films, a record unmatched by any other film school in the country.

During your second year, you’ll delve deep into the business, legal and organizational aspects of the entertainment industry, including:

  • The development process of film and television
  • Securing the rights to creative material
  • Film and television financing
  • Organizing, budgeting and scheduling productions
  • Marketing, distribution and exhibition

Because we’re located just a heartbeat from Hollywood, you’ll have access to internships with studios and production companies and enjoy campus visits by major Hollywood directors, cinematographers, editors and screenwriters. And when you leave us, you’ll have a fully developed portfolio including a film or media production you’ve personally produced as well as a thesis book for a proposed film or media production — including detailed plans for rights acquisition, story development, pitching, budgeting, packaging, marketing, distribution and exhibition — to showcase your abilities and help you get your foot firmly in the door.

+-Degree Requirements

1. Complete 48 credits at the 500 or 600 level.
2. Successfully complete a two-part thesis project:
     a. Produce advanced level films. (See academic advisor for details.)
     b. Develop an industry-ready project. (See academic advisor for details.)
3. Pass an oral defense of the thesis project(s).

First Year

Fall Semester

Evolution of Narrative Film I

Production Workshop I

Production and Set Management for Film Production

Overview of Producing

Spring Semester

Fundamentals of Screenwriting

Film Script Analysis

Independent Feature Filmmaking

Production Workshop IV for Producers


Independent Internship


Second Year

Fall Semester

Film and Television Financing

Thesis in Producing I

Entertainment Law

Spring Semester

The Development Process of Film and Television

Marketing, Distribution and Exhibition

Thesis in Producing II

+-Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to demonstrate the skills necessary to identify, develop and market creative material appropriate for film, television and the Internet.
  • Through critical essay and writing assignments, students demonstrate an understanding of the development of film language, including aesthetic perspectives.
  • Through closely-mentored projects, students demonstrate the knowledge and collaborative skills necessary to produce a film or media project from start to finish.
  • Ability to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the business elements of producing, including production management, intellectual property, rights and issues, financing, marketing and distribution.
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