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Masters of Science in Athletic Training - Summer 2015

The undergraduate athletic training program is no longer accepting applications for new students. Chapman University is transitioning the bachelors degree to a post-baccalaureate professional masters degree to begin in summer 2015. This move to a masters degree will be in conjunction with a 3+2 accelerated program proposal in the undergraduate Kinesiology major.  It is highly encouraged for students looking to transfer from another college/university to transfer to Chapman as a Kinesiology major. Advising for the 3+2 with the Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology into the Master of Science in Athletic Training is critical and applicants will apply directly through the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service (ATCAS) with MS in Athletic Training faculty support during the fall semester of their junior year. Students should contact the Athletic Training Office at 714-997-6639 for more information.

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training Program

To ensure high quality clinical instruction and the safety of patient care by athletic training students, prospective students wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training must be officially accepted in to the Athletic Training Education Program. Athletic training students must meet competitive program admission requirements beyond Chapman University application standards via a second application process. For students entering the University from high school, this application process takes place during the 2nd semester of the student’s freshmen year at the university. For transfer students, this application process takes place prior to being accepted to the university. Transfer students must commit to completing the required six semesters of clinical rotations. Students interested in applying to the ATEP must contact the department to request an application at

Program Goals:

  • Prepare students to successfully complete the Board of Certification (BOC) exam
  • Produce high quality, ethical and professional certified athletic trainers for employment in diverse allied health settings
  • Provide advising and guidance for students pursuing entrance into graduate school
  • Build an appreciation for the athletic training contributions to sports medicine and allied health profession
  • Foster the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Encourage study abroad opportunities to develop an appreciation and understanding of international health care practices

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  • Employment Settings of Certified Athletic Trainers (2010)

    Secondary Schools, Colleges, Universities & Professional Sports


    Hospitals, Physician Offices, Sports Medicine Clinics


    Military, Law Enforcement, Industrial, Performing Arts


    *Data provided by NATA 2010 career survey

  • Chapman’s diverse ATEP faculty members, clinical staff, affiliated clinical instructors and guest lecturers represent an outstanding breadth and depth of athletic and health care professionals. This direct access to working professionals greatly enhances our students' learning and career success.

    Athletic Training Faculty(Photo from Left-Right; Back to Front):
    Danny Bonilla, MS, ATC – PhD student / Adjunct Faculty; Sara Nottingham, EdD, ATC, CSCS – Coordinator of Clinical Education; Jason Bennett, DA, ATC – Program Director.Michelle Cleary, PhD, ATC, CSCS – Research Coordinator; Tricia Kasamatsu, MA, ATC – PhD Student / Instructor.

    Academic Faculty

    For more information about our clinical and medical staff as well as guest lecturers please visit our Clinical Education page.

  • The Athletic Training Student Society (ATSS)

    ATSS is an on-campus organization specifically for students in the Athletic Training major. The purpose of ATSS is to promote professional development of Athletic Training students through special events such as community service, fundraising, professional conferences, and social activities. Through these events, ATSS members build leadership and networking skills as well as strong friendships within the athletic training community.

    2013 – 2014 Athletic Training Seniors

    2013-14 Seniors
    Left-Right; Back to Front:
    Andrew Edwards, Beri Dwyer, Warren Nielsen, Naomi Singleton, Samantha Schumann, Sarah Dressler.
    Juliana Botting, Laura Garcia, Brittany Kato, Kimi Takaoka, Elyse Zaleski, Caitlin Buzbee.
    Blaire Buckley, Delaney Starks, Rachael Kirkpatrick, Randen Morisako, Christine James, Sandra Koen, Kelsie McAulay.

    2013-14 Juniors
    2013-14 Juniors
    Left-Right; Back to Front: 
    Nicole Brashears, Grant Stuart, Maddie Biehl, Cari Zinn, Carrie Melrose, Josh Runley, Austin Martinez.
    Caitlin Daily, Hannah Alexander, Haley Seymour, Kimmy Penilla, Lara Acedillo, Kho Roberts.
    Stephanie Mock, Chelsea Head, Marissa Sumida, Justine Li, Paulina Tselikis.
    2013 – 20014 Athletic Training Sophomores
    Left-Right; Back to Front:
    Matt Rivera, Scott Lee, Ashleigh Ellis, Matt Merckling.
    James Siy, Jamie Ralph, Celina Solomon, Jose Del Rio.
    Aaron Ngor, Ava Klein, Alyssa Ransom, Emma Belson, Kylie Sakino.
  • Mailing Address:

    Athletic Training Education Program
    Chapman University, College of Educational Studies
    One University Drive
    Orange, CA  92866
    Athletic Training Education Program faculty offices are located on the second floor of Reeves Hall.

    Jason Bennett, DA, ATC
    Program Director, Associate Professor
    Phone: 714-997-6567

    Jennifer Bennett
    Department Assistant
    Phone: 714-997-6639