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IS&T Notice: Archiving of older course sites on Blackboard
IS&T Notice: Archiving of older course sites on Blackboard On August 2, 2016, Blackboard course sites from the 2013-2014 academic year will be archived and removed from the Blackboard server. If you have materials that you would like to access from a course that is slated to be archived, please save a copy of this course to your own computer now. (Directions for creating a local copy are at the end of this message) If a need arises for you to access a course that has been archived and removed from Blackboard, please contact the ServiceDesk at servicedesk@chapman.edu to have your course temporarily restored to the Blackboard server. If there is a course from the 2013-2014 academic year that is still being used and you would like to request that it stay on Blackboard, please email blackboard@chapman.edu with that request as soon as possible. If you would like assistance saving a local copy of a course site from the 2013-2014 academic year prior to the August 2 archiving date, please contact the Blackboard Support Specialist at blackboard@chapman.edu. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SAVING A LOCAL COPY OF A BLACKBOARD COURSE SITE: 1. Login to Blackboard (blackboard.chapman.edu). 2. Click on your course site in the "My Courses" menu. 3. Go to the Control Panel (on the left-hand sidebar menu). Select "Packages and Utilities" to reveal a dropdown menu. 4. Click "Export/Archive Course." 5. Click the red "Export" button near the top of the screen. 6. You will then see a menu of available items for export. Select the items you want to save in your export file by checking the box next to them. 7. Click Submit in the upper right corner of the screen. 8. You should then see a green bar across the top of your screen that reads: "Success: This action has been queued. An email will be sent when the process is complete." After you receive the confirmation email, navigate back to the Export page through the Control Panel of your course site (i.e. follow the first 4 steps above) 9. You will then see the ZIP file of the exported course in the menu on the Export page. Right click the ZIP file to save it to your computer (note: you will not be able to access the contents of this file without importing it into a Blackboard course site). 10. When you want to open this file for use with another course, you will use the "Import Package" Link in the Control Panel under "Packages and Utilities."
Published: 7/13/2016 9:15 AM

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