»Frequently Asked Questions for Undergraduates

+-What are Chapman’s most popular undergraduate programs?

The most popular undergraduate programs are Biological SciencesBusiness Administration, Communication Studies, Film Production, and Psychology. And for the not-so-sure, Chapman boasts a high undecided population because college is where you discover yourself.

+-What is an average class size?

Most undergraduate classes will range from 10-29 students.

+-How large is the university?

Undergraduate: 6,005
Graduate and Law School: 1,887

+-What factors are used to determine admission?

At Chapman University, our students are evaluated for admission based on a holistic review, which means we factor several components into the admission decision including:

  • Strength of curriculum
  • Grade trends
  • Essays
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Extracurricular activities/ jobs/ non-academic activities or responsibilities
  • Major preference and preparation for major

+-Does Chapman require standardized testing?

Yes. Students may take the ACT or the SAT. The average SAT score is 1882 and the average ACT is a 28. We do not require SAT subject tests, but we do require the writing portion of the ACT. Transfer students may check the transfer brochure for information regarding how many units exempt them from submitting their test scores to the admission committee.

+-If I take AP or IB classes in high school will they count at Chapman?

Many AP and IB classes count for credit. Please check the Transfer Credit and Articulation section of the Registrar’s office site for a list of tests and scores.  (Depending on the level of the course and the score).

+-Is it possible to transfer to Chapman University?

Chapman accepts transfer students for fall and spring enrollment. Please check the transfer section of the undergraduate admission site for specifics regarding units, general education, and application deadlines.

+-If I plan on transferring to Chapman, how do I know which college courses I’ve taken will transfer?

You can choose to schedule a transfer advising appointment or view Chapman’s articulation agreements with other universities and community colleges. If Chapman does not have an articulation agreement with the school you are transferring from, we suggest scheduling an appointment with one of our counseling staff to discuss your options.

+-How much is tuition?

A breakdown of tuition costs can be found on the Student Business Services site. Applicants are also encouraged to apply for financial aid and will be automatically considered for merit scholarships just by applying. For more information on merit scholarships, please contact the Office of Admission.

+-Is it possible to have a personal interview with an admission counselor?

Chapman does offer interviews with "Admission Fellows" and occasionally regional interviews for those who cannot make it to campus for a Fellows interview. Generally speaking, however, the demand for personal interviews far exceeds the abilities of the admission staff. The best opportunity for "face time" with admission counselors exists at our daily Information Sessions. These presentations give students and their families an opportunity to ask questions directly to one of our officers. The Admission staff highly values speaking individually with students whenever possible and encourages students to contact their counselor should they have special questions or circumstances to discuss.

Transfer students may set up an advising appointment if necessary to discuss their academic progress.

See what Interview Opportunities are available >

+-What should I do if I’m interested in playing a sport at Chapman?

If you are interested in being involved in the athletic program we recommend contacting the appropriate coach. Initiating contact will allow the coach to communicate with you about your talents.

+-Is it possible to receive a copy of the course catalog?

If you would like to look at the courses offered we recommend browsing the online catalog. This will have the most up to date information available.

+-Can I send additional paperwork to supplement my application?

Although Chapman values learning as much about a student as possible the admission committee asks that students please refrain from submitting any additional application materials. If you are applying to a program or scholarship that requires additional materials please refer to the department instructions. The admission committee recommends labeling your materials as clearly as possible should they accidentally reach the wrong department.

+-I was accepted, can I defer my admission?

Students may defer their admission for up to one year of their original admission upon approval by the Office of Admission. Longer gaps will be considered at the discretion of the admission committee. Only students who have been formally admitted to Chapman University may request a deferral. Students desiring a deferral must submit a Chapman University Deferred Enrollment form to the Office of Admission for approval. Certain programs are not eligible for deferred enrollment. Please contact the Office of Admission at admit@chapman.edu to request a deferral form.

+-How do I go about setting up an audition for Music, Dance, or Theatre?

Guidelines for Music, Dance, and Theatre auditions can be found on each department’s website.

+-Do you have any additional requirements for students applying to the Business Administration major?

We do not require any additional documents or forms, but we strongly advise that all students applying to Business Administration complete at least four years of math in high school, with the apex of their math studies in a calculus or statistics course.

+-How do I schedule a tour of Chapman?

All of our tours are scheduled online. You can visit our campus tour website to schedule a date and time you would like to visit our campus. Campus Tours are offered Monday-Friday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., with the exception of holidays and special circumstances. The tours are each followed by an Information session with one of our counseling staff.

+-Which classes am I required to take as an incoming freshman?

The only class that is mandatory as a Freshman is the Freshmen Foundation Course (FFC). Information about these courses can be found on the Orientation and First Year Experience website.

+-Is housing available for all students?

Housing is guaranteed for all incoming Freshmen. However, for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, housing is available on a space-available basis.

+-What are the deadlines for admission?

Deadlines for First Year/Freshmen

Early Action - November 1

  • Film Production candidates who apply by  November 1 are given priority. Applying by the November 1 deadline is strongly recommended. Please refer to Dodge College's film production requirements for more information.
  • Pharmacy candidates must apply by November 1. Please refer to the Pharmacy website for more information.
  • Dance candidates must complete their in-person auditions or audition upload by November 9. *
  • Music candidates must complete their in-person auditions by November 9, or their audition upload by November 15. *
  • Theatre candidates must complete their in-person auditions or audition upload by November 15. *
    * If your audition is not completed or received by the deadline, your application will be put in to the pool with our Regular Decision candidates. Please refer to the Department Specific Requirements for more information.

Regular Decision- January 15

Deadlines for Transfers

Fall admission- March 15

Spring admission- October 15

+-Where can I learn more about on campus clubs and activities?

Chapman University has a number of exciting opportunities for our students to become involved and enrich their experience on campus. To learn more about Greek Life on campus, please click here. In addition to Greek Life there are a number of other academic, professional and special interest clubs on campus clubs and activities. We invite you to learn more about what the Student Engagement does to facilitate these clubs and activities by visiting their site.
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